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To be eligible for this offer you must:
  • Have completed settlement of a lot from PEET where the contract includes provision of a bonus front lot landscaping package. 
  • Lodge your application form within 12 months of settlement. 
  • Construct your home, including hardscapes, within 12 months from settlement. 
  • Not be in breach of your contract
Once you have lodged your application:
  • You will be contacted by a PEET landscape contractor within 15 business days of Peet approving your application;
  • Your landscape consultation will occur during business hours;
  • PEET will not be able to approve requests to modify materials supplied as part of your package, any additional works are between you and the landscape contractor at your cost. 
  • The landscape package does not include hardscape items such as pathway, driveway, letterbox and fencing;
  • Should you require additional landscape works, you may wish to raise this during your landscape consultation with the PEET contractor. Please note the landscape contractor is under no obligation to perform additional works at a purchaser’s request and PEET will not be involved in requests for further works or the coordination of additional works at the resident’s cost. 
A series of standardised plans are used by our landscape contractor in constructing front of lot landscaping at Aspect. Please note PEET does not allow significant deviation from the proposed designs. However, depending on the location of items such as driveway and service tappings, these plans may be modified slightly to accommodate for the existing layout of your front garden. Any modification to these plans will be confirmed between yourself and the landscape contractor during the consultation. The landscape package will be completed to the front of your lot only.
Prior to the commencement of landscaping works to your front of lot, and in accordance with your contract of sale, you must meet the following criteria: 
  • Complete driveway and hardscape works 
  • Remove all rubbish, rubble and vegetation within the area to be landscaped;
  • Ensure a flat working area is provided;
  • Complete construction of side boundary fencing;
  • Provide a clear path free of obstructions to access the area to be landscaped. 
PEET is under no obligation to commence these works if these requirements (or any other requirements specified in the contract) are not met. 
These conditions are valid from 1/01/2013 to 1/01/2016